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About us

Visage Games (VSG) is a small independent game studio located in Tampere, Finland. The first spark to create it was kindled in early 2020 with a premise of couple of years of education, followed by passionate development for years to come.

VSG specializes on creating new types of mobile game prototypes and experiences, of which a couple has already been released in Google Play Store. We also provide website development & design services.

A small lifetime of gaming has left us with dozens of ideas in our bag, so we won't be short of projects for some time. Even so, we're open for work and happy to receive any inquiries.

Image of Tampere Center.
Latest Products:

Catch falling loot by drawing shapes!

Try to catch as much loot as you can before time runs out in this experimental minigame.

Download and play for free!

Learn Hydroponics!

Learn how to grow edible plants using hydroponic systems.

Download and play for free!

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